We are Saratoga, We CreateBuildDevelop Solutions

We are a software development company that works with leaders who demand innovation.

It’s true – we offer decades of experience in solution delivery expertise. But, at the heart of Saratoga, we are a people-business. We have people with exceptional skills who work with talented people in other businesses to solve their complex problems.

As such, we are not just developers, business analysts, project managers, data analysts, and QA specialists; we are your collaborators, your partners in growth. We are ready to work side-by-side with you and your team to construct the unique solution your enterprise needs.


Putting People First

Our commitment to 'Putting People First' extends beyond promises and deadlines – we prioritize fostering enduring partnerships by consistently delivering innovative solutions that address our clients' evolving needs and challenges.

Locally Based, Internationally-Minded

We are a software development, data, and technology solutions company. Our offices in the West Midlands, UK, and in Cape Town, South Africa, give companies like yours access to the expertise you need, at the levels of excellence you expect.

More, Better, Faster

We are your local software development company that brings you more, faster, better. In fact, in 2018 we were honoured to receive the GSA-UK Global Sourcing Award for Digital Transformation Project of the Year. You can trust us with your growth.


Practical Innovation to Solve Complex Problems

Every person at Saratoga is recruited because they are among the best at what they do. We are vigilant at keeping skills current, processes efficient, and delivery dependable. This is why customers keep coming to us to solve some of their hardest problems.


Don’t ask us. Ask our customers. We constantly strive to be easy to work with, we have a deep understanding of what we do, and of how to work with our clients. We believe that healthy, long-term business relationships make good business. We don’t just build software. We build partnerships.


We partner with successful local and international companies and convert their business imperatives into elegant technology solutions. In short, we deliver software solutions that make sense, for you, and your business. We value clear communication, shared understanding, and courageous honesty as qualities that cut through uncertainty. This allows our expert project teams to deliver the best solution, faster.


Saratoga goes to great lengths to find top people. You will find that our teams contain broadly skilled subject-matter experts and technology experts. Our team’s passion for solutions drives their creativity and inspires others into action.

Our executive board consists of Anthony Robinson (Executive Chairman), Mark Gebhardt (Chief Executive Officer) and Julian Smith (Financial Director) who are supported by a strong multidisciplinary leadership team.

Journey Through Innovation: Explore Our Corporate Timeline

Embark on a captivating journey through Saratoga’s evolution, from our humble beginnings to our current innovations, as we chart our course through technology-driven milestones and transformative achievements.


Meet the people who are responsible for making Saratoga exceptional.

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