Successful technology advancement for international risk management company

Based in the UK, red24 is a leading risk management company that delivers a range of products and services to businesses, organisations and individuals around the world. The company assists clients in minimising risks to their personnel, operations and profitability, and have a global network of multi-disciplinary consultants.

TravelTracker, a red24 online tracking and location system, helps organisations mitigate the risks employees face when travelling abroad. The system was becoming increasingly unstable and difficult to maintain, as the original architecture could no longer support the various functional and non-functional additions to the system, nor allow for any future enhancements to be made. As this is a core, business-critical system for the organisation, the instability was becoming a significant risk for red24.

The Solution

  • A high level investigation was performed on the existing TravelTracker system and business requirements to determine the scope of the project and the challenges faced by the business.
  • This allowed us to provide some insight into the extent of the work and to determine the best way to proceed with the refresh.
  • Subsequently, a more thorough analysis was carried out in order to define all detailed functional system requirements, and provide red24 with comprehensive estimates of effort and cost.
  • New technology and architecture recommendations were made, based on our comprehensive analysis, and were agreed with red24 prior to commencing development.

The Results

The development and testing of the system occurred on an iterative basis and throughout the project, continuous progress discussions and consistent involvement in the ongoing testing of the solution, by both us and the client, ensured full transparency on all aspects of the project, and guaranteed that red24 received a product fully relevant to their needs.

The end result was that a more robust, maintainable and functionally relevant TravelTracker system was developed and implemented for red24. The new system now allowed for future business enhancements and changes to be seamlessly implemented. Aspects such as integration with third party products and mobile deployment, that were previously impossible or difficult to manage, could now easily be handled and executed within the new system framework. Ultimately, the success of this project significantly reduced the hassle, cost and risk, to red24, of managing their TravelTracker business.

“The redesigned system allows for greater visibility and front-end control, which enables our non-technical personnel to work with the system configuration, thereby resulting in a faster turnaround time on new client implementations and ongoing client support”

– Jeremy Eastman, Special Projects Manager, red24